About us

The Institute of Chinese Communist Studies (ICCS) was founded in January, 1967, focusing on China affairs, Cross-Strait relations as well as related international situations and issues. The ICCS regularly publishes "Studies on Chinese Communism", "Yearbook on Chinese Communist Studies", "CCP's Crucial Individuals Biography", and "PLA Personnel Biography", The ICCS also irregularly invites scholars and experts to join academic forums focusing on hot issues. This is to enlarge academic exchanges and dialogues and to have in-depth discussions regarding China's party, politics, diplomacy, military, economic, as well as social change and development. Papers will be compiled as volumes to provide reference to both domestic and international academia and government agencies. Echoing the trend of modern age, we established our own website in 2022, where it allows researchers around the world to share their insights timely and write short commentaries on China affairs to satisfy our readers.