Yearbook of Chinese Communist Studies


1.Party, Politics and Society


(2)Party, Politics and Society

(3)Discussion over CPC's Management on Mass Events in 2019

(4)Discussion on NPC's Operation in 2019

(5)Discussion on the CPC's Main Society Governance System Development in 2019

(6)Observation on the Operation Situation of the Central Decision-making and Coordination Organization after the CPC's 19th National Congress

(7)Observation and Analysis on the Adjustments of CPC Provincial and Ministerial Leadership after the 19th National Congress

(8)The Black Industry Chain- New Type of Digital Crime in Mainland China




(2)China's Macroeconomic Situation and the Effectiveness of its Regulation Policy in 2019

(3)China's Foreign Trade Situation in 2019 and the Future Perspectives

(4)The Background and Possible Effects of China's New Round Opening-up Policy

(5)The Content of Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and its Challenges

(6)Analysis of RMB Exchange Rate, Policy Implications and Its Impacts in the Recent Years

(7)The Progress, Challenges and Prospects of China-US Trade Negotiations at the Present Stage

(8)Analysis on the Implementation Effects and Geopolitical Risks of China's Belt and Road Initiative




(2)General Situation of PRC Military Reform in 2019

(3)Main Situation of the PLA Leadership's Adjustments and Promotions After 2018

(4)Main Situation of the PLA Leadership's Adjustments and Promotions After 2018

(5)Analysis on the General Situation and  Features of PLA Army's Joint Multilateral Exercises in Recent Years

(6)Capability Building and Future Development of PLA Coast Guard's Re-subordinated to Armed Police

(7)Analysis on China's Ship Building Capability

(8)Evaluation and Analysis on PLA's Important Military Exercises and Trainings in 2019




(2)The Competition between China and the U.S. and the Development of Bilateral Relations

(3)Foundation and Trend of China-Russia Relations in the New Age of Great Power Competition

(4)The Impacts of US-DPRK Denuclearization Negotiations to China's Korean Peninsula Policy

(5)The New Development of China- Japan Relations Under Summit Diplomacy

(6)Observation on the Development of China-ASEAN South China Sea Code of Conduct

(7)Analysis on the Relations and Development between China and the New EU Leading Institutions

(8)Situation and Significance of CPC High-Level Member's Attendance of Important International Conferences and Summits in 2019


5.Cross-Strait Relations


(2)Cross- Strait Political Interactions In 2019 and Future Prospect

(3)Analysis on China's Taiwanese Favor-Granting Policy and on Attracting Taiwanese Businessmen in 2019

(4)Analysis on China's Policy Change of Encouraging Taiwanese Entrepreneurs' Investment and Its Influence on the Entrepreneurs' Investment in China

(5)Aalysis on Taiwan and U.S.- China Relations in 2019

(6)Overview on Cross-Strait Youth and Local Level Exchanges in 2019

(7)Analysis on China's "Advancing Cross-Strait Integration Strategy(2017~2020)


6.Organization and Personnel Overview


(2)Overview of the Leadership of Institutions Directly Affiliated to CPC Central Committee

(3)Overview of the CPC State Council  Leadership

(4)Overview of the Leadership of Other Important CPC Council Institutions

(5)Overview of PLA Leadership

(6)Overview of the CPC Standing Committee’s Provincial, Municipal and Autonomous Regional Leadership

(7)Overview of Provincial, Municipal and Autonomous Regional Government Leadership

(8)Overview of the NPC and CPPCC’s Provincial, Municipal and Autonomous Regional Leadership



(1)Politics and Society


(3)Military and Technology