Studies on Chinese Communism

Vol.55 No.4(2021.12)

The 6th Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the CPC in the Competition Between US and China

China is Vigorously Developing “Specialized, Refined, Characteristic and Novel” SMEs

The Transformation of USA-PRC Relationship-Since the Inauguration of President Biden

Diplomatic, Defense, and Security Policies of the  Kishida Cabinet and Their Influences on Regional Situation

Research on the Transitioning Chinese Militia Construction

Analysis of China’s Reaction towards the Restructuring of Supply Chains

Assessment on the Measures and Roles of Chinese Provincial Governments in the Cross-Strait Relations

Analysis on China’s Assertive Behavior in the South China Sea: the Continuity and Change of China’s Maritime Militia

Research on China's Cyber Attack and Defense Exercise-Taking "HW 2020 Operation" as an Example

Latest Organizational Personnel Change of Mainland China