Yearbook of Chinese Communist Studies


1.Party, Politics and Society


(2)Events and Implications of the CCP’s 100th Anniversary

(3)Events and Implications of the CCP’s 100th Anniversary

(4)Analysis of the CPC’s Movement of Party History Study and Education

(5)Analysis of the CPC First-stage Reshuffle of Provincial Party Commissar

(6)Analysis of Effectiveness Evaluation of the CPC's Internal System

(7)Observation on the Meetings and Collective Study Sessions of the 19th CPC Politburo

(8)Assessment of Possible Lineup of the 20th CPC Leadership




(2)Analysis of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the Long-Term Objectives Through the Year 2035

(3)Implications and Challenges of China's "Domestic and international Dual Circulation" Economic Development Strategy

(4)Retrospect and Trend of the U.S. Economic Policy on China

(5)Influences and Political & Economic Implications for CPC's Promotion of The Antitrust Policy

(6)Observation on the Trend of China's "The state Advance, the Private Sectors Retreats" in Recent Years

(7)Analysis of Local Government Debt Problems and Potential Financial Risks in China

(8)Analysis of China's Population and Family Planning Reform




(2)The Development of China’s Military Reform in 2021

(3)Important Leadership Changes and Promotions Since the PLA Adopted  "Rank-Centric" System

(4)Analysis of the PLA Important Military Exercises in 2021

(5)Analysis of the Reform and Development of China’s Defense and Technology

(6)Analysis of the Construction of the PLA Local Mobilization System

(7)Assessment of the PLA Education System after Military Reform

(8)Assessment on the Effectiveness Application of Military-Civil Joint-Use Airport to China’s Military- Civil Integration


4.Foreign Affairs


(2)Analysis of Biden’s Administration and Its Impact on US-China Relations

(3)The Intertwined Relations between China and Japan During Tokyo Olympics and Beijing Winter Olympics

(4)Observations on The Development of  China-Russian Relations in 2021: Russian Factors in the Global Energy Crisis and Geopolitical Transition

(5)The EU's Promotion of Indo-Pacific strategy and EU-China Relations

(6)Overview of China's Vaccine Diplomacy in 2021

(7)China's Standpoint and Response to the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue among the U.S., Japan, India and Australia

(8)Observation on China's Increasing Coopetition Diplomacy Regarding Climate Issues in 2021


5.Cross-Strait Relations


(2)Analysis of Xi Jinping's Important Talks to Taiwan in 2021 and Its Implications

(3)Analysis of Cross-Strait Economic and Trade under the "14th Five-Year Plan"

(4)Analysis of China’s "14th Five-Year Plan" Concerning Taiwan Businessmen

(5)Intensify and Unite: Analysis of China’s Integration and Development Strategies Toward Taiwan in the "14th Five-Year Plan"

(6)Observation on Beijing’s Speeches and Actions Regarding Taiwan in Grim Period  of the Covid-19 Pandemic

(7)Analysis of China’s Military Exercises Regarding Taiwan in 2021

(8)Prospect of Taiwan-Hong Kong Relations after China's Enforcement of “Hong Kong  National Security Law” and the Change of Hong Kong’s Electoral System


6.Organization and Personnel Overview


(2)Overview of the Leadership of Institutions Directly Affiliated to CPC Central Committee

(3)Overview of the CPC State Council  Leadership

(4)Overview of the Leadership of Other Important CPC Council Institutions

(5)Overview of PLA Leadership

(6)Overview of the CPC Standing Committee’s Provincial, Municipal and Autonomous Regional Leadership

(7)Overview of Provincial, Municipal and Autonomous Regional Government Leadership

(8)Overview of the NPC and CPPCC’s Provincial, Municipal and Autonomous Regional Leadership



(1)Politics and Society



(4)Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Military