Yearbook of Chinese Communist Studies


1.Party, Politics and Society


(2)An Analysis of Leadership Lineup of the New CPC Central Committee

(3)Amendment of the Party Charter in the CPC’s 20th National Congress and Its Implications

(4)An Analysis of the CPC's Adherence to the “Dynamic zero-COVID” Policy in 2022

(5)An Analysis of the Reshuffle of CPC Provincial Party Committees

(6)Analysis of Hong Kong Political Situation and Stability Maintenance in 2022

(7)Observations and Prospects of the CPC’s “Common Prosperity” Policy

(8)An Analysis of China’s Position and Intent on the International Convention on Cybercrime



(2)Recent Potential Financial Risks in China and the CCP's Countermeasures Strategy

(3)Observing China’s Energy Reform from its Commitments to Reduce Carbon Emission

(4)The New Economic and Financial Situation in Mainland China under the Black Swan Effect

(5)The Economic Impacts of U.S. Hi-tech Control Policy on China: the Case of the Semiconductor Sector

(6)China’s Macroeconomic Control Policy in 2022 and Its Effects

(7)China’s Actions and Effectiveness in Promoting Economic Integration in the Asia-Pacific Region in Recent Years

(8)Political and Economic Implications and Prospects of China’s Economic Policy after the CCP’s 20th Party Congress



(2)A Preliminary Study on the PLA's Unloading Capabilities Without Wharf for an Invasion of Taiwan

(3)The Composition of the CCP’s 20th  Central Military Commission and Related Leadership Reshuffle

(4)The Plan for the Intelligent Development of the PLAAF

(5)Exploring the Development of China's Defense Technology Industry from the Perspective of Civil-Military Integration

(6)Implications of the PLAN's Expansion of Overseas Military Operations

(7)A Study on the PLAA's Intelligent and Unmanned Capabilities in 2022

(8)The Implications and Impacts of the PLA’s “Trial Action Guidelines on the Military Operations Other Than War”

4.Foreign Affairs


(2)Progress on the Frontiers of US-China Strategic Competition:Hi-tech﹠Geopolitics

(3)The Development of China and Japan Relations after CCP's 20th Party Congress

(4)China's Observations and Prospects on the "Quadruple Security Dialogue" in 2022

(5)The Development and Prospect of China-India Border Dispute

(6)The Relations of China-Eu Global Security un 2022 Russo-Ukrainian War

(7)China's Policy and Activities in the South China Sea in 2022

(8)China's -ASEAN Relations in 2022: War, Pandemic, Realignment

5.Cross-Strait Relations


(2)An Analysis of China’s Taiwan Policy after the 20th Party Congress

(3)The Analysis of Cross-strait Relations in Economy and Trade in the 20th Party Congress

(4)An Observation of Beijing's Political and Military Intimidation Against Taiwan in 2022

(5)Expansion and Attraction :A Study of Integration and Development Strategy for Taiwan Businessmen in China’s 20th Party Congress

(6)An Analysis of China’s 20th Party Congress about Policy toward Taiwan Businessmen

(7)The Forth Taiwan Strait Crisis? The Impact of China Military Drills against Taiwan in Summer of 2022

(8)An Analysis of the Policy Concerning Hong Kong After China’s 20th Party Congress

6.Organization and Personnel Overview


(2)Overview of the Leadership of the Organizations Directly under CPC Central Committee

(3)Overview of China’s State Council  Leadership

(4)Overview of Other Important Central Leadership of China

(5)Overview of the PLA Leadership

(6)Overview of CPC Standing

(7)Overview of Government Leadership in Province, Municipality and Autonomous Region

(8)Overview of NPC and CPPCC Leadership in Province, Municipality and Autonomous Region


(1)Politics and Society



(4)Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Military