Studies on Chinese Communism

Vol.57 No.3(2023.9)

General Observation on Mainland China:
The CCP Faces a Dilemma Before the Third Plenary Session of 20th CPC Central Committee

Editorial Paragraph 1:
Analysis of China’s 31 Measures to Strengthen Private Economy

Editorial Paragraph 2:
Analysis of China’s "Regulations on Conscription Work"

Monograph 1:
A Study and Evaluation on the Development of take-off and Landing System of the PRC’s Aircraft Carrier

Monograph 2:
The Impact of Changes of International Order in the Post-Covid Era on the Relationship among the U.S., China and Taiwan

Forum 1:
The Enlightenment of Russian-Ukraine War to the PLA and its Adjustment

Forum 2:
China’s Current Internal and External Political and Economic Situation

Basic Information:
Latest Organizational Personnel Change of Mainland China