News and Commentary

41 Xi Jinping Plans to Visit South Korea While China Faces Challenges on the Korean Peninsula 2023-10-05
42 Kihara Explains the Implications of a Taiwan Contingency to Japan's Defense Policy at Ishigaki 2023-10-04
43 China’s Superpower Game: Reactions and Strategic Goals 2023-09-21
44 Analysis of China’s Efforts to Make Fujian a Demonstration Zone for Integrated Development with Taiwan 2023-09-14
45 Impact on Kinmen and Matsu Areas by China’s Issuance of “Building Cross-Strait Integration and Development Model District in Fujian” 2023-09-14
46 Mainland China's Economic Situation in 2023: Time Bomb or Not A Chance? 2023-09-08
47 The Private Economy Development Bureau Is Facing Political Challenges 2023-09-08
48 China's New Attempt to Solve the Problems of Youth Unemployment and International Technological Containment 2023-09-07
49 Confrontation between China and the Philippines near the Second Thomas Shoal Deepens Strategic Fault Line in the South China Sea 2023-08-31
50 Commentary on the Purpose and Results of US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo’s Visit to China 2023-08-31